Transit in HK

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17 hours since take-off in Toronto and I’m doing well! Haven’t slept so much on a plane since I don’t remember when… think I slept for about 12 of the 17 hours. And for the first time EVER I actually took out my lap-top on board to work. I actually feel like I’m on a business trip, travelling from one conference to another, working on power point slides on the plane instead of watching movie marathons as I usually do.

Am being totally decadent and pampered now, sitting in the Business Class lounge for Cathay Pacific in the HK airport a.k.a. “The Pier”. In case anyone’s wondering, I’m still travelling in regular economy class. But my mileage on Cathay has earned me Silver Card membership with their Marco Polo Club. And part of the privilege is priority check-in at the business class counters and being able to wait in their business class lounges. Pretty cool, especially the priority check-in part. Last night could arrive later at the airport and by-pass the long lines… and now I can wait in comfort with internet access. Best part of these kinds of lounges is…the complimentary food! Had a lovely bowl of hot chicken hor fun, a cup of green tea and a sesame seed speckled char siew bun which was given a fancy label of “Shanghai Pork Bun”.

Will be in Singapore in 5 hrs. Wonder how I’ll feel coming back home this time? And wonder HOO will be picking me up? :P

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