Yinwei = My Shopping Soul-Mate

Had been so long since I went shopping with Yinwei. We always have the MOST fun by-passing stores cos we’re too busy chatting and then entering the few stores that we always go to, and then spending ridiculous lengths of time trying on clothes and swopping clothes to try on each other. And FOOD has always been a VERY important part of our shopping expeditions because we could never go on for 3 hrs without stopping for drinks and food. In Toronto it was usually ice-cream at Eaton Center. Yesterday in Orchard Rd it was winter melon tea for me and fruit juice for her from 7-eleven :P

With us, shopping is never about what we buy. It’s about driving each other nuts with ridiculous comments, animatedly pointing to something that catches our eye even whilst we’re engrossed in conversation… it’s about saying “eh, i’m hungry leh” and having the other saying “me too! let’s take a break and find something to eat”! It’s about throwing clothes to each other in the dressing room. Gossiping about a cute sales clerk in the GAP store that looks like Chew Chor Meng. Laughing ourselves silly while playing with the make-up at the Clinique counter in The Bay. And about happily purchasing similar or even identical tops.

Oh..and in our glory days in Toronto, our shopping trips always ended in a fashion show at home while poor John had to take photos of us so we could show our other halves what we bought. Ha ha ha… we may never be that crazy again. But in the half day we spent together yesterday, it made me think of all the fun we used to have… and still will have I’m sure. While it won’t be exactly the same, some things don’t change. Yay! To see a “what happened” account of our shopping day, do visit Yinwei’s entry. Hee.

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