The Youngest Yeong

Image hosted by He’s back from Brunei! Didn’t quite realize just how much I’ve missed him till he was back in the backseat of our car with me telling funny stories of his past 10 days in the jungles of Brunei. He may be a 6ft tall ‘lean mean machine’ kinda young man now but his eyes still light up when he’s telling stories and he still asks his jie jie to pay attention to his stories when he thinks I’m not. In moments like these, the years melt away and I see him as he is in my heart. The bright, earnest, mischievous and funny little brother that stole my heart 22 years ago when he first opened his eyes and looked at me. The little brother who would grab my hand when he spotted a plane in the sky… who would bring his story book and sit on my bed to read while I did my homework…who would come running to the door when he heard me come home from school…who never cried unless he saw his jie jie crying… The same brother who even now, as busy as he is with army and girlfriend, still smses me from camp to say ‘hello’ and ‘miss u’. Little he may no longer be, but dearest brother he will never cease to be. My dearest babee brudder. Then. Now. Always.

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