Real Life Zoe & Hammie!

Image hosted by It’s funny how often I’m surprised at how late I find things out. I’d been visiting Zibin’s flat for 6 years now, and it completely escaped my attention that there was a lovely young family next door. Dad, Mom, an almost 4-yr old girl and a currently 8-mth old little boy.

The first time I met them was the night before Serena’s wedding. The mom came over to give Serena an ang-pow and apologize for not being able to attend. Half-hiding behind her skirt was the daughter whose eyes sparkled at the information that tomorrow morning there would be a bride. Little brother zoomed to the grille with his walker and grinned winningly at the group of us gathered outside his door. I could barely keep myself from picking him up. He was sooo cute!

The next morning at 7:45a.m. as Serena was getting her hair and make-up done, I walked past the main door and saw what you can see in the photo. Little Zoe (as I am prone to calling her now) perched on her kiddy chair patiently watching our door for signs of the bride. She was to wait for another hour before Serena came out the door. But the look of shy worshipful awe on her little face as the beautiful bride passed by and waved at her did not leave me with any doubt that she thought her one hour wait worthwhile.

I met little Zoe again tonight as I was walking up to Zibin’s flat. She was cheerfully (but carefully) walking down the stairs ahead of her Mum & Dad (who was carrying little brother Hammie). They were on the way to MacDonalds for a french fry treat. As I walked past her, I held out my hand and she briefly put her hand in mine with a shy smile up at me. My heart melted. How I wished Zibin’s family wasn’t moving away so soon so that I can see more of Zoe & Hammie in the years to come!

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