Zen. Food – Zen.

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Never knew healthy food could be this tasty or this chic. I had a lovely dinner for two with my mother today at Aiwo in Raffles City. We had about 12 different dishes, all very tasty…and topped it off with a guilt-free chocolate brownie with soy ice-cream and a strawberry ice-cream with fresh strawberries. Everything that we ate was sugar-free and wheat-free, and amazingly under 50 calories (except for the brownie dish which was 197 calories). This place really reminds me of my good friend Erin Irish who bakes the most amazing wheat-free banana bread I’ve ever eaten. Erin, wish you were here. You would love this place! And wish I could get my hands on the recipe for the guilt-free brownie!


  1. Hi dear,

    Daddy and Mummy finally found the time to try this new restaurant that you’ve raved about :) Wow, we didn’t know it was its one-year anniversary already :)

    Food was quite good, but what I liked about the place, was that there wasn’t too many people, and it was quiet, and there was some space!!! :)

  2. Ok, I just realised that saying the restaurant doesn’t have too many people doesn’t make the restaurant look good…

    But I’m really tired of places that are so crowded, that I can’t even squeeze in between tables and chairs without having to say ‘excuse me’ and having the person shoot a dirty look at me whilst getting out of his or her chair to make space for me…

    This place had ample space between tables and chairs, such that whilst the tables were occupied, there was still space to move around without having to compress one’s own incompressible body through little gaps.. :)

    What can I say… I am a big fan of atmosphere, rather than the actual food… :)

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