First Snow It Is!

Seems I blogged too soon yesterday… The heavens chose today to bestow its first snow of the season to Toronto. Yuehan smsed me to say “The snow insists on saying good-bye…” And as I was staring out of my window earlier, I was thinking the exact same thing. After so many winters, I still have a soft spot for the first snow. Before all the slush builds up, before the temperatures drop to inhuman dimensions, the first clusters of snow crystals that come floating out of the heavens, frosting everything in sight, is always greeted by me with inexplicable joy. Today, the joy is rather muted – tinted with the melancholy of nostalgic memories of past ‘first snows’ and of my impending departure from Toronto. One just can’t fully enjoy the first snow with a plane to catch in a few hours… and one’s ridiculous child-like wonder and joy is usually greatly enhanced by fellow first-snow enthusiasts. (Yinwei! Where are you? It’s snowing in Toronto…remember the first snow in 2001? You came straight to my apartment from school to show me the snow on your bag? And we went out for a walk in the snow, drawing and writing on any surface we could find? Ha ha remember the two hearts we drew outside Koffler? *lol*)

Ah yes…if not for the fact that I wish for good weather conditions for my flight tonight, I would have no qualms exclaiming, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!”


  1. I know of another person who’s a first-snow enthusiast too. Considering that she’s been in Toronto for a few months already and she still stops when she sees a squirrel…

    I’m not a first-snow enthusiast myself. Snow heralds the coming of winter. That’s why for me, the joy of seeing first snow is always muted. So much for “soft and white, clean and bright” huh? :P

    Then again, I’ve already mentioned that I’m more of a “rain” person myself. :)

  2. Ha ha… hmmm… is winter really that bad? Granted, the cold can be pretty unbearable, but now and then, I’m still struck by the beauty of a crisp winter day…on a morning with freshly fallen snow and warm sunshine making it all sparkle…or walking on a quiet (and not too cold) night with huge snow-flakes falling on to my face…

  3. You are right; winter days can be strikingly beautiful when there’s some sun and the snow on the ground reflects the sunlight.

    I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt that a scene of falling snow is breathtaking, yet sad. It puts me in a pensive mood. It makes me think. Also, there’s something oddly intimate about the feeling of falling snow on my face which disconcerting. :P

    It’s very different from the feeling of falling rain. That never fails to make me 心旷神怡. Besides, I love to sing in the rain; “what a glorious feeling I’m happy again…”

  4. Isn’t this interesting…I like walking in the falling snow for the same reason you find it disconcerting…it’s quiet,intimate, wondrous, and it makes me pensive… :)

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