From Zero to Thirty

Well, I’m back in Singapore again. A veritable thunderstorm seems to be pouring outside…and I’m up at 5a.m. and getting pretty hungry (close to dinner-time in Toronto!).

The flight back was pretty smooth and relatively pleasant. Positive points: 1) slept quite a bit, and pretty soundly too! 2) had Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth as cabin-reading and it was the most entertaining in-flight read I’ve had since Yann Martel’s Life of Pi three years ago 3) had an adorable 11mth-old Chinese baby girl 2 seats from me, with cheeks like two little red apples. Negative points: 1) the service from the TO-HK leg was rather unfriendly 2) they didn’t serve ice-cream of any sort for any of the in-flight meals! 3) the in-flight movies were all yawns.

I had the smoothest post-arrival ever. I zoomed through customs, had my luggage waiting for me by the time I got to the belt, and I was out before my welcome party had arrived *ha ha*. I ordered chicken rice for lunch, but felt more like I was having corn (explanation: Zibin & John were there). E.g. Zibin (after I’d been talking more than eating):”If you all observe the pace at which Canadians vs. Singaporeans eat their lunch, you can tell a lot about the pace of living in the respective countries.”

From the airport, I went to visit my grandfather at the hospital. His condition has stabilized in the last 2 days, and he was sleeping pretty soundly. He seems to be struggling for breath now and then, because his lungs are very weak. But he’s doing pretty well, I think, considering what a close shave he had just a few days ago.

Thank you, to all the friends who have been sending me well-wishes, and giving me words of comfort and support. My family and I truly appreciate your kind thoughts!

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