The Apprentice (Baker)

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One of the first thing John told me after he picked me up at the airport on Sunday was that our maid, Sol, has been baking bread. Well, buns to be precise…ham and cheese, ground beef, banana and cheese etc. She had baked a fresh batch for me to try, and they were delicious. So, I asked Sol if she could teach me… afterall, it’s really cool to have freshly baked home-made buns!

Today was my first (heavily supervised) attempt at making them. There were 18 small buns in all, 6 ham and cheese buns, 6 banana and cheese buns (this combination is a perennial Indonesian favourite for those skeptics out there…they’re delicious!), 3 peanut butter, nutella & raisin rolls, and 3 peanut butter, nutella and cinnamon rolls with crushed peanuts. (The one featured in the photo is a banana & cheese bun.) We didn’t get to try it today, but the next time, I’ll try to make onion and cheese (plus maybe mushrooms?) buns (these were my favourite in secondary school days) and of course, tuna buns!

Anyway, some of the buns appeared rather funny, and I had a minor cheese emergency cos a couple of the ham and cheese buns had popped a hole (dough was rolled too thin in parts). But otherwise, they turned out pretty ok. I have at least 6 presentable ones that I will be able to bring to Zibin’s place tonight for his parents…ha ha… courageous eh?


  1. Thank you! heh…there’s a reason this one was featured u noe…it looked the most perfect. ha ha! They’re all gone liao…even if I couldn’t bear to eat them, the rest of my family would have eaten them anyway :P

  2. Great job dear!!! Now you can give me some pointers! The last time I made pizza it turned out to be super-inflated balloons, just like those inflated castles you find in shopping centres, where parents will deposit their children before going in to shop. =(

    Keep it up! I’m so proud of you =)

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