The Tofu Debate

Aarrggh. I slept ALL AFTERNOON!!!! It was a cool and lovely rainy day today. After lunch, I just couldn’t resist lying down on my bed and just…well…resting a bit. Before I know it, it’s 7p.m.!!! I’m so dead…*sob*

Zibin was able to have lunch with me today. We had a very, very animated debate on the way to lunch. Huijun, you want to know what can make me 吐血? I almost did over Cpt. Hoo’s marvelous ‘de-baiting’ skills today.

(We had decided we were going to Boon Tong Kee for chicken rice and were driving there)
Me: I suppose you want the fried tofu right?
ZB: Yep.
Me: Ok, so we’ll have chicken, fried tofu, and a vege dish.
ZB: You have to eat a lot later ok.
Me: Why? Only 3 things what, and we’ll get all the smallest size.
ZB: Yah, but it’ll still be a lot.
Me: At most don’t order the tofu lor. Just have chicken and vege.
ZB: How can we go BTK and not order the fried tofu?!
Me: Ok, ok… then how? I want the vege, cannot do without the vege.
***Here it comes***
ZB: Tofu is vege what.
Me: ?! It is not!
ZB: Is it meat?
Me: No.
ZB: Then, it’s vege lor.
Me: Huh? It is not vege ok!
ZB: Tofu is a plant.
Me: No…
ZB: What is tofu made of?
Me: Soy…
ZB: Plant right?
Me: Soy is but tofu is not a plant!
ZB: Ok, let’s back-track. Is tofu a living thing?
Me: No.
ZB: Of course it’s a living thing!
***At this point I was almost delirious with incredulity and laughter, and resigned that ZB’s in one of his corny moods which means I couldn’t possibly win. Still, I couldn’t resist protesting.***
Me: How on earth is tofu a living thing?
ZB: Because it’s a plant!
Me: *exasperated* It is not a plant!
ZB: Ask anybody who has taken Pri 3 science… tofu is a plant!
Me: No it’s… arggh! Nvm… anyhow tofu is NOT VEGE!
ZB: Ahh.. you’re conceding right? You’re admitting it’s a plant… now you’re switching to saying it’s not vege.
Me: TOFU IS NOT A PLANT!!!!!!!!! Wah, 我快要吐血了。
ZB: *innocently* Huh? Aiyoh why want to vomit blood? Just admit I’m right lah…
***Brief pause while he drives into the parking lot. I was very quiet for a while…***
ZB: Wah, so quiet? Stunned liao issit? Too overwhelmed by your husband’s amazing logic and debating ability?
Me: *sputtering in disbelief*
ZB: Aiyah it’s ok lah…come darling, hungry liao. Let’s go eat.

In the end, we ordered all three items and finished them. Sometimes I’m amazed by Zibin…he kept a totally straight face throughout the entire conversation while I was blustering and laughing in exasperation. I’ve always enjoyed watching Zibin engage with John and seeing John’s bemused exasperation at his kor’s crazy logic…it’s quite a different feeling altogether to be at the receiving end!


  1. Aiyah, if you had classified the food as carboh, protein and fibre (like the way we do), the debate would have ended very differently.

    Either that or add a qualifier: *green* vegetables.


  2. LOL.

    ZB, well done! GO ZB! Would have loved to see this. She keeps 断章取义 on me. *very big grin*

    Ann, that’s a terrible game play. You were stuck at simply reacting to what ever corn ZB was dishing at you. There was no counterattack attempt at all. *shakes head*

    I agree with HM. Next time don’t say you want to eat vege lah. You left yourself wide open and vulnerable when you said that. Corn aside, ZB is right; tofu *is* vege.

    Next time say that you want a fibre dish. Tofu belongs to the proten category. :)

  3. Sigh. What is the world coming to? No sympathy for me one!*sniff*

    I admit though, that I didn’t make any attempt to change the grounds of the ‘debate’ cos I was enjoying it too much. In fact, I would have liked to say that it depends on the context. For purposes of grocery shopping at the market, or buying tofu at the food-court/coffee shop rice store, it is categorized as ‘vege’ in terms of price. But if we’re talking nutrition value and carbo/protein/fibre etc, then tofu is not counted as a vegetable.

    But aiyah, Zibin was on such a roll (and when he is, there’s usually no way anyone else can win cos he’ll just twist the logic to suit him) that I couldn’t bear to turn all philosophical on him mah… *see I’m so nice*

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