159 Reunion

It was Sin Teck’s son, Althan’s 1st birthday yesterday. (Sin Teck was one of Zibin’s 6 housemates at 159 Beverley St. back in their Toronto glory-days) And so, it turned out to be a kind of reunion for those guys…albeit with babies and kids screaming in the background, balloons popping etc. It was fun to listen to the guys catching up, and observe how a few years of working and/or marriage and parenthood have mellowed them (the fact that wives/gfs were around probably played a factor too). I wonder how many of their gfs and wives know that these *ahem* mature career men are the same guys who tore through their apartment on Beverley St. chasing a dirty soccer ball while yelling “MONKEEEEEY!” at the top of their lungs (breaking the leg of their dining table in the process of one of those games).

The birthday boy was probably too young to be aware that it was his party. He was in relatively good spirits though, obliging the various uncles and aunties with smiles and claps. Presents and ang pows came and went and he didn’t show much interest…until his giant 3-D Elmo birthday cake was revealed. I knew what was coming with that ‘baby boy+ cake’ equation, but was too far away to give any warning. Then, before either of his parents could do anything, Althan gleefully slammed both his hands into Elmo’s creamy red butt. I wish I had a video of that!

The other baby highlight though, was Jessica (3 yrs my senior at UofT) and her 3-mth old son, Joel…or Joey, as he is affectionately called. He didn’t cry a peep the entire 2 hrs he was there, which was pretty amazing. My favourite moment? When Joey sneezed into Zibin’s face while Zibin was making funny faces at him. :P

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