Zibin & Joey

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It was ‘aww-inducing’ to watch 3-month old Joey gurgling and cooing happily to Zibin’s voice…until one comes close enough to hear what it was that Uncle Zibin was saying to the chubby little bundle of joy. “Have you got a pot-belly? Ooh…have you got a pot-belly? Have you got a pot-belly?”


  1. I love the name Joey! :)

    And Zibin looks really contented looking at the baby (and the baby too!) Haha.. The baby looks big for 3-mth old, any idea how heavy he is? :) (or maybe he’s not big, just that Zonghan is quite small-sized :D)

  2. Nat: I see… I didn’t know the link with TF! Small world *shakes head* Singapore’s blowing hot and wet but am enjoying my hols here! :)

    Nick: Some people think my ‘motherhood instinct’ has been ‘kicking in’ as long as they can remember, so it’s hard to say :P In any case, baby Joey is really cute!

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