Fresh Air

I’m a homebody…staying home is usually very pleasant for me. But after having stayed indoors for nearly 4 days straight, it was lovely to step out for some fresh air today. I also more than made up for those long hours of solitude with a really long chat with HM. I suppose that could be considered exercise for my lungs? *grin*

On a totally unrelated note…I picked up a new word today: asinine (utterly stupid or silly; of, relating to, or resembling an ass). Now if only somebody can give me cause to use this word…


  1. WHAT?! Why on earth would make you think that? Of course she didn’t. And I hope she’ll never use that word on me…though now you’re giving me an opportunity to use it on you. *clears throat* Huijun, of course Huimei wouldn’t say that about me…what an asinine idea!

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