Food, Friends & Sentiment

This afternoon out of the blue I got an sms from HM: “Just read in today’s Varsity (UofT’s campus newspaper). Arbor Room to close on June 30. Apparently they have been operating at a loss all this while.” My heart sank. I scrambled onto the internet to look for the online report. It didn’t say much more than what HM’s msg said. Just like that…Arbor Room is going to close. After 51 years!

Déja vu: One morning in June 2002, John & I brought Zibin and my parents who were in Toronto for my convocation to Druxy’s on College St. for breakfast (Zibin’s special request, it had been one of his favourite haunts). As we entered, I saw a notice on the door saying that after 17 yrs of operating at that location, Druxy’s was closing. It was our last meal at that Druxy’s. By the time John and I got back from Singapore in September, it was gone. And UofT/Toronto just isn’t the same without Druxy’s right across Walberg building on College St! It became *ugh* “Peel Pub” and now I don’t even know what it is…

Back to the present. Arbor Room is closing. When I got the news, I had instant flash-backs to what had been, until recently, my sole precious memory of Arbor Room. In my final undergrad year, John and I took a class together at St. Mikes. It was on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10-11a.m. After class, we’d often come to Arbor Room and have lunch with Yinwei, who would be studying there waiting for us.

Arbor Room kind of faded out from my UofT routine for a while…until last semester when I started becoming a regular there again. This time around, it was frequent lunches with 1, 2, or all 3 of HJ/M/X…and some deliciously sinful pre-swim (or swim substitute) tea and snacking with HX. Just when Arbor Room was becoming a sweet staple to my UofT routine again…and just as I was finding out about all the cool things that happen there (such as live Jazz every friday!)… *sigh*

Yah. I’m someone who gets very sentimental about places. I’ll get over it in time, I suppose, afterall there will be new places and new memories to make. And there are still a few months left to enjoy it… oh well…

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