Think Of Me…

I’m shameless about this… I love it when something happens that let me know that someone is thinking of me. And for some reason, these past 2 days, I’ve been showered with small gestures that’s put a smile to my face. An out-of-the-blue msn “i miss you” from not one, but TWO very dear friends in Singapore whom I haven’t talked to in ages (En & YW). Two phone-calls from friends walking on campus (HX & WT) who called just to say hello and talk while they’re walking. Funny smses sent back and forth Fido-to-Fido engaging me in all kinds of small-talk or verbal sparring during the day(HJ & HM). And then this morning, a super early sms from Yinwei that woke me up which was followed by a nice chat on the phone. Those closest to me know that I’m very 不要脸 when it comes to seeking affirmation from them “Did you miss me? :P”. Still, it’s sweeter when the gestures are unsolicited, and it’s nice to know that I’m enough a part of someone else’s life that on occassion, they think of me just as I think of them.


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