Carrot Cake, Slumber Party & Dreaming of Peking Duck

The title pretty much sums up my last 12 hours. Around 2a.m. last night, I was almost ready to go to bed…but I was thinking about the carrot cake in my fridge (the carrot cake that the resident chef of Chez Chew had lovingly made and given us for CNY). I was hungry, and although under such circumstances I would just warm a cup of soya bean milk or make a cup of milo, my yearning to try the carrot cake won out. My ‘tasting’ of it ended up with me polishing off 1/4 of the carrot cake, so much in love with it was I…

The late supper led on to the next thing. Wanting and I were talking while we were eating. Somehow we ended up talking till 8a.m. We began in the dining room and continued talking in my bedroom… and it was a very good talk. We talked about work, about friends, about our parents and brothers…about ourselves… it’s been a very long time since we’ve had such an opportunity to talk. And I realized that there’s something different about our sharing last night…that Wanting and I have both grown in the last year, and it was somehow reflected in our conversation. It was also interesting to talk about our love languages (a topic that i’ve been talking to my girlfriends here a lot lately it seems :P), and to realize more concretely, which language it was that we spoke. I discovered that Wanting’s love languages were acts of service and quality time, which explained why it was that she’s so happy when I do little things like cook for her when she’s busy or sick, or when I give her massages and talk to her. And she discovered the reason why I’m so happy whenever she thanks me, or tells me how I make her feel better when she’s sick…because my primary love language is words of affirmation. Of course our common secondary love language of quality time was powerfully manifest by our marathon all-night chat. :P

When I finally went to sleep, I dreamt… of peking duck (last night I suddenly had a craving for that). I dreamt that today (Saturday), Yuandong and I went to Wei Xiang Chun to ask if they had peking duck today… and we were told that they were fully booked for dinner but if we wanted to have it for lunch, we could. So in the dream, we immediately called Wanting, Calvin, and all the members of Chez Chew, and we had a great peking duck lunch! So sad was I to wake up and realize it was just a dream… but it was such a great dream while it lasted. Good food, and great company!

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