Two Women. Two Girls. Two Friends.

After playing with Zonghan for a while, Yinwei and I left her place to go to town. It didn’t really matter where we were heading, really, because where the two of us are concerned, the location is just a setting for talking… doesn’t matter if we’re standing, sitting or walking. Nevertheless, there were a couple of interesting anecdotes that occurred through our short day together.

‘Mummy’ Yinwei and Me
Motherhood has certainly instilled some very motherly instincts in our dear girl. And I suppose I gave her brilliant opportunities to show it. The first taste of it was when we were about to cross a street near her home. I hesitated at the kerb. Almost reflexively, Yinwei says, “Come”, takes my hand, and leads a surprised yet docile me across the road. Now that’s definitely motherly instinct…cos this is Yinwei. She’s never taken my hand for any reason before. Ha ha.

As we were walking towards Yew Tee MRT station, I realized to my dismay that I had forgotten to ‘prep’ my wallet. Meaning, it’s still a ‘Toronto’ wallet. No EZ-link card. No Singaporean currency. And worse, no Singapore ATM card. Yinwei’s response? “Nevermind. Come, I lend you money first. How much you need? Is ______ enough?” So in the end, I even got some pocket money for the day from Yinwei. :P

Lunch and Brokeback Mountain
We had teriyaki chicken burgers at the Mosburger in Takashimaya for lunch. Somehow, we got to talking about Brokeback Mountain, and about how neither of us really understood how the two leads could have formed such a connection in the first place. Because really, it seemed to just happen ‘out of the blue’.

At one stage, to illustrate her point, Yinwei said quite emphatically, “I don’t get it. I mean, if I was up in the mountain with a girl friend for a few months, would we end up ‘getting together’?” *pause* “Ann! Why are you looking like that? Ha ha… you’re homophobic is it?”

I don’t know what exact expression I was wearing on my face though I think I may have been cringing in horror. Now, I am not particularly homophobic… I mean I was actually ok with watching the film. But as most friends know, I have a very vivid imagination. And the moment Yinwei mentioned her and a girl friend up in the mountain…’getting together’… and all that superimposed with images from the film, my mind immediately supplied me with a picture. To say I was stunned speechless with horror was not an understatement. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal was one matter. I could actually take those images. But Yinwei and (I shall not say who)?! BRRRR. EEEKS. *gag* NOOOOOOOOO…..

The ‘St. Nicks Stare’
Don’t know how the conversation turned to our old ‘practice’ of ‘intimidating’ guys in JC. I guess you could say that these girlfriends of mine are very protective of one another. And nothing gets our goat more than the knowledge of a guy who is or who is trying to toy with our friends’ feelings or whom we suspect has ‘less than honorable intentions’. Back in JC days, we used to bestow a certain knowing smile on those guys that seems to say, “I know what you’re up to. Don’t mess with my friend.” Funny thing is, that stare worked. Apparently Jiafu has tagged that look the ‘St. Nicks Stare’. Well, now that all these friends are either married, engaged or attached, I suppose it’s time we can retire that stare. :)


The people are older and the conversation topics are different. The insights about life and people that are exchanged are deeper, yet expressed with less youthful fervour. Maybe it’s because life’s many lessons have taught us greater humility.

And though we have both become older and a little different from before, it’s wonderful how the years can melt away when you’re sitting across the table from a good friend. :)


  1. Ha ha… I was too traumatized by the other thing liao. :P

    But yah… if we ever go camping in the mountains alone for a prolonged period of time, must make sure we get enough warm clothing and blankets. *lol* Not that anything would happen even if we were cold. Then again, we would probably *never ever* be camping in the mountains, so all this is a moot point. ha ha ha ha…

  2. Oh my gosh!!! You actually had that picture of us camping! NOW I am traumatised!

    First of all, I don’t think I dare to go camping with you liao, hahahaha… And second of all, I think our husbands will not approve, after they see your blog!!

  3. Er… I don’t know what you’re talking about :P

    Jiafu got read my blog one meh? Does he? Oh no. *ha ha*

    Ok let’s stop this thread, it’s getting too much even for me!!! *shudders*

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