Jet-Lagged Rambles

Conversations that “Never Happened”
The first two days I was back, I concussed by 7-8p.m. I found out on two separate occasions today that I had somehow held lucid conversations when I was supposedly asleep. Conversations I had no recollections of. My mom was amazed. Zibin…was even more perplexed because apparently we had quite a substantial conversation *wry look*. Yet, when he called me this afternoon, I repeated some of the things I had told him yesterday evening because I didn’t remember having talked to him at all. :P Jet-lag lah…

Et tu, Madre?
My mom has joined the ‘mob’ and started suanning me! Actually, she has always liked to tease me, but never about me being noisy or talkative/wordy before!

She was driving earlier when Cathy smsed her. So I helped my mom to reply…but instead of inputing word for word what she said, I added a couple of words of my own which I thought would paint a clearer a picture.

Mom: Aiyah, isn’t that understood already? 难怪你的朋友说你很多话。
Me: *stares at her in wounded disbelief* Moooooommmmmm!!! 怎么你也捉弄我了?
Mom: *grinning* 不是吗?三句话可以说清楚的你用五句。
Me: *pouting* 你怎么可以欺负我?你是我的 mummy leh!
Mom: [here she suddenly takes on a more serious tone to explain to me that I should see teasing as an affectionate thing and not a bad thing etc.]
Me: [thinking that she might think I actually mind the teasing] *hastily* Aiyah, I’m ok lah. 我不是真的介意…
Mom: *pounces on me with glee* Ah, 假装的是吗? 其实你是喜欢人家捉弄你的, 对吗? 喜欢就好了吗… 为什么要怪 mummy 呢?
Me: *laughs painfully in protest* MAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Bridal Matters
After a 5 hr long afternoon nap (which was absolutely necessary for an evening out), I went to Silhouette The Atelier with Mom, John and Cathy to see some bridal gowns. I tried on about six different gowns of differing materials, necklines and shapes… impressing the in-house designer with my speed in changing along the way. *grin*

The last gown I tried on was practically perfect…for me that is. I don’t know if it will be the one I choose in the end, because this is the very first place I’ve tried, but all of us felt it was very suited to me, and both John and I feel pretty certain that Zibin would like it too. I don’t want to gush, but I really, really liked it. Cathy found a gown that was absolutely dreamy and princessy which suited her wonderfully… and best of all, our gowns ‘matched’ even while they were distinct in style. It was quite a cool feeling to be standing side-by-side in front of the giant mirror in the bridal gowns. I can’t wait for Zibin to come back and give his stamp of approval :P

You know, trying on bridal gowns was really fun. They were lighter than I expected, and pretty easy to get in and out of (I just need help with the zipper). The designer was commenting on bridesmaids and our trains (both gowns had quite generous trains which we thought would be nice for a church wedding). And then, right at that moment, I thought of *somebody*’s suggestion that I wear adult diapers on my wedding day to spare my bridesmaid making trips with me to the bathroom. It wasn’t a very romantic thought, but I’m glad my mom was so tickled by the idea. :P

And OH! Cathy’s twin nieces will be our flower girls! Isn’t that the cutest thing?! Twin flower girls for a double-wedding! And we’ve agreed to have three bridesmaids each. That’s actually a nice number for me… less of a dilemma *heh heh*. Haven’t asked any of the three girls I have in mind, but am looking forward to it. I still need to get a little ring-bearer though… anybody have little boys to ‘lend’? :P


  1. “Isn’t that the cutest thing?! Twin flower girls for a double-wedding!”

    *wry* Cute wasn’t quite what I had in mind. But I shall be polite and keep my opinions regarding what I see as blatent twin exploitation to myself. Cute. *mutters disapprovingly and shakes head*

    Aiyah, don’t need to be so kind and leave me anonymous lah. I take full credit for my brilliant idea of your wearing adult nappies on your wedding day. It was never meant to be a romantic idea. My suggestion was rational, logical and expedient, given what you told me about the job scope of a bridesmaid. Shall I remind you what you said? “A bridesmaid is supposed to wait on the bride hand and foot, give her everything she needs; help her when she needs to go toilet…” and etc.

    And with your wedding gown potentially having long trains you really should consider seriously my suggestion. Like I’ve told you so many times, I’m sure your bridesmaids will thank me.

  2. Hi dear!

    I’m sure your gown is lovely. And I’m sure Zibin will think you look beautiful in anything! Heh :) Can you describe the gown? I’m so curious…

  3. metwin1:
    \’Twin exploitation\’? Don\’t read so much intent into it lah…it\’s just serendipity. I don\’t happen to have a flower girl or know of anyone of the appropriate age. And Cathy was already going to ask one of the twins to be her flower girl. So… see? Unplanned… can hardly be said to be exploitation. *sweet smile*

    Ha ha… thanks dear. I don\’t really know how to describe it. I\’ll see if can take a pic the next time for u ok? :P But I think you\’d approve of it too… it looks like something that you would also say is very me.

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