I haven’t checked, but I think that the last two times I’ve come back to Singapore for a visit, I’ve made at least one blog entry about my being pulled between Singapore and Toronto. Who am I to break a tradition that I started myself, right? :P

*small sigh* It’s not really that funny. Maybe it has a little to do with Zibin not being here. Maybe I always need a bit of transition time. But like the last two times I came back, I find my thoughts drifting to Toronto quite a bit. And to everybody’s amusement and chagrin, I’ve been thinking a lot about Toronto FOOD.

I hate to be a party pooper, but I’ve complained about the bread here too many times since I’ve returned. I miss Silverstein where I am spoilt for choice for any number of kinds of freshly baked bread any day. (I also miss Edmund’s fantastic olive loaf!) We had a quick lunch at Delifrance today where I always order the Tuna sandwich. Mom and John were happily eating their sandwiches and asked me if I at least still liked the sandwich. I just looked up dolefully from my baguette stuffed with tuna. It’s not bad, really… I’ll get used to it again lah.

Another thing I miss… the spring roll from Pho 88 in chinatown which I just discovered a few weeks ago. It’s great! Better than the one in Pho Hung in my books. I also miss my Silk Soy Milk…

What about the local Singapore food you say? Unfortunately, the few perennial favourites I’ve tried since I came back don’t seem to taste as good as I remembered them to be (and even my mom agrees on that). And I didn’t really come back with any particular food cravings either, so stomach-wise, I’m still a little Toronto-homesick.

It’s not just food though. I never can put my finger on it. It’s the place too, and the life-style I lead when I’m in Toronto. It’s not that I’d rather work and live in Toronto permanently though, because that’s a different matter. I’ve only been back for what… three days? And while I’ve greatly enjoyed going places and doing things almost every waking moment with somebody (mostly my mom and John), I’m feeling some withdrawal symptoms from the sudden shortage of solitude and ‘personal’ freedom. Yet, I feel a little guilty for feeling this way because it seems pretty selfish. I enjoy the company, I do, really… but then why do I also still feel ‘duty-bound’ in a sense to be the company?

I’m sure I’ll find my groove again soon. At least I’m really looking forward to Monday when I’ll see Zibin again.


Going to Indonesia tomorrow morning. Hear from my mom that my aunt has planned a jam-packed schedule for us wedding-shopping wise. It’s practically a business trip. *rueful laugh* Well, at least I’ll get to see my grandmother, my favourite aunt, and my favourite uncle before they all fly to the U.S. next week. And maybe the food there will be less disappointing than what I’ve had so far.

Won’t be having my lap-top with me though… and I don’t know about availability of internet-access over there. I feel another withdrawal coming on… :P


  1. Poor darling is lacking your groove and Toronto-sick? It’s ok, for the time being. Wait patiently for the release of “Alot of Rings – Return of the King”. I heard the movie premiere is on Monday, 1700hrs at Changi Cinema T2. And I’m sure with the special dose of popCORN, you will be good as new on Tuesday morning.

    Satisfaction guaranteed (batteries sold separately).

  2. Zibin:
    Heh heh. Can’t wait for the grand premiere! I think I could do with a lot of popCORN. A life-time’s supply!

    ‘Breadhead’? Like ‘pothead’? :P I’ve always loved bread, Edmund, but you and Silverstein have have turned me into a pampered princess bread-wise!

    Incidentally, my family misses the bread in Toronto too. And they haven’t even tried yours before! :P

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