"I Dream of Ann"

I have my fair share of strange dreams involving friends, so I totally understand when friends tell me they’ve had weird dreams about me. Still, this one stands out. I couldn’t help laughing while picturing the dream. Happily, the ‘dreamer’ gave me permission to share it on my blog. *grin*


I was sitting at Aloha Dental Clinic’s waiting area when Yinwei sends me a string of smses one after another. I’m putting them together to form the complete narrative.

Bonjour Ann! I had a weird dream abt u last night! I dreamt I borrowed my bro’s car and fetched you at the carpark opposite CMPB for breakfast. Zibin decided to tag along, and so we drove to farrer road, and made a u-turn to the farrer road macdonalds. But somehow, when we got there, you became very fascinated abt improving your eyesight. U took out your specs and decided to walk ‘blindly’. I told u to be careful but u didn’t listen to me. U tripped over steps etc, and still u didn’t want to put on your specs. I got pretty upset at u. And u seemed oblivious. Then I told u the way to improve ur eyesight was prob to still wear the specs, but cover your left eye (or right eye) first, and then try to walk training one eye first. Then u decided to listen to me. So u put on ur specs and covered one eye and walked.

Suddenly, pp like Enling and Weizhen appeared and started doing the same thing too. I was very confused!! Then Zibin suddenly appear and asked me where I bought my shorts, because he said I looked v cheerful and young in it, and he wanted to buy one for you too! I was still v confused by all of you walking with one eye open, and I think I ignored him!!

Oh dear, what a weird dream! Must be because of the breakfast date that we had initially!

***Explanation: Yinwei and I had initially made plans to have breakfast together at her work-place this morning because Zibin had to go take a chest x-ray at CMBP. Zibin’s appt got changed however, and we cancelled our breakfast plans. ***

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