Yesterday's Sound Bites

Seeing Red
Last night Zibin came back in a bright red Liverpool t-shirt. He’s a Newcastle fan. This sort of behaviour is incomprehensible to me as I had always thought soccer fans’ display of club paraphernalia was sacrosanct.

Me:*double-take* “Liverpool?! Why are you wearing a Liverpool t-shirt?”
ZB:“Wing Kwong (his brother-in-law) bought for me one what.”
John:“He also got me one mah.”
Me:*looks at John in even greater disbelief* (John’s been a Man Utd fan for 13 yrs) “He bought YOU a LIVERPOOL t-shirt?!!”
ZB:“The guy was in Liverpool leh. What did you expect him to do? Go into town and ask the stores for a Man Utd t-shirt?”
Me:*pictures what might have happened to WK if he had done so in cartoony graphic terms* “Orh… ok lor…”

John & Yinwei
John and I were getting ready to head out for the concert when Yinwei calls my handphone.

John:*excitedly* “Who is it? Is it kor?”
Me:“No lah. It’s Yinwei.”
John:“Yinwei? Chey…”
Yinwei:*overhears John and exclaims indignantly*
(I pass the phone to John for him to explain himself)
John:“Hello Yinwei. Er… what do I mean by ‘chey’ ah? I meant ‘chey chey’ lah… like ‘chey chey’ (jie jie/ ze ze) Yinwei mah!”

I continued talking to Yinwei as we got into the car, and I put her on speaker-phone.

John:“Yinwei, 你好吗?”
Yinwei:“我很好。现在听到你的声音就更好了 lor!”
John:“Yah, I tend to have that effect on people.”
Yinwei:“… Glad to know you still have ‘it’.”


John’s Morning Fanfare
This wasn’t yesterday but last week. Zibin was still sleeping in bed. I was up already. John comes bounding into my room, and with exuberant fanfare announces loudly to the sleeping beauty:

“Kor, 起来啦! 太阳已经照在屁股上了!太阳看到你的屁股又躲起来了!”

Now that’s a morning call. *grin*

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