This is a view I have literally walked past thousands of times and never noticed. Isn’t it amazing what rain and fresh green leaves can do?


I tried Earl Grey ice-cream today at The Daily Scoop, an amazing ice-cream parlour in Sunset Way that makes hand-churned ice-cream. It really tasted like Earl Grey tea! This is by far the most intriguing ice-cream flavour I’ve ever tasted. (This place has been open since September 2004 but this was the first time I ever tried it!)


We met with KC of greymatter photography today. And now I know why it is I like his pictures. It isn’t just his photography style… it’s his philosophy I like. Just take a look at the quote on his website. And the name of his website. On his namecard is printed “Don’t just shoot. Think.” This philosophy shows in the photos he takes.

To make things even more interesting, his package doesn’t present his photos in albums, but in coffee-table books. Small, thin, light and extremely stylish coffee-table books with quality pages. And we can choose to have it printed with quotations or any other thing we like to personalize the book.

I’d highly recommend anyone who is looking for a great photographer (be it wedding or otherwise) to check out his work. An even more interesting thing we found about him was that though he doesn’t advertise, he really gets around! Tingfang saw her friend’s photos on his website. I saw photos of a family friend’s son on his website. And today among his portfolio, I saw the wedding day photos of a St. Nicks senior (Regan Tan)! Zibin saw him photographing a colleague’s wedding, and he was Cathy’s colleague’s wedding day photographer too.

He’s the guy for us. And how cool is it that all four of us love his work? He’s going to be the actual day photographer for John and Cathy (for their ‘traditional’ wedding day two days after the mass) too.

Now the only remaining ‘big thing’ (i.e. need big $$$ and booking) to settle wedding-wise is my evening banquet venue…

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  1. Hi dear,

    I find his photos a little too strong for my liking :) But what’s most important is that you and your hubby like them! :) We should catch up (if you can) and then you can tell me more! See you next Mon! :)

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