My Other "Other 1/2"

Unplanned…well almost. But I ended up meeting Ivy “Tomato” Toh for ice-cream today… my original ‘other half’ before Zibin came into my life. I think it was Mrs Liu (our prefect mistress) who dubbed us into halves. It started when I came to meet her once and she asked me, “Where’s your other half?” It stuck. Of course, Ivy had to insist she was the ‘better half’ :P


Ivy is as strong-headed and stubborn as I am, and that makes for a very interesting kind of discussion when we disagree. I remember one particular argument in Sec 4. I don’t recall the substance, but I remember where we were and how frustrated we were. Neither of us were willing to budge because we were equally convinced of our views. Our voices were raised, and neither were willing to really listen. The funny thing was that both of us kept bursting into laughter (probably the stress?). So there we were, walking in Ang Mo Kio, arguing passionately and laughing hysterically at the same time.


We were recalling old times today. As usual, she was horrified to be reminded of all the crazy things we used to do. I’m sure Yinwei and Bea would agree that our prefect days would not have been half as colourful and humourous if Ivy had not been with us, and if she had not been my ‘other half’.

Vee, don’t know if I ever told you in the past how glad I was when you finally agreed to be Asst. Head Prefect. I couldn’t have done my job half as well or with half as much laughter if you hadn’t been there.

We’ll always have that lion dance! *grin*


  1. hahah! my good ness how can i forget the lion dance.. the drunken one that is. Yeah it was really fun times! haha sorry to have to put yinwei and bea through the ‘nonsense’ crazy times ;p
    wouldn’t trade the memories for the world..except now im not sure if i have the full memories. Ann, i think i need to do a autobiography of your memories of SNGS days. Mine wil surely fade with time… sigh. Ageing.

  2. I wish we had a video of that lion dance! I hope I never forget that experience…of you grabbing my waist till it’s so ticklish and yelling at me the entire time to count out loud…and me laughing so hard at being ticklish and at you for being so kan cheong. :P

    I keep thinking myself that I should probably put my memories down in words somewhere. I’m ageing too… and it would be such a pity not to be able to recount our crazy stories to our kids or grandkids next time! ha ha :)

  3. Shall we do that? Shall we? I think we should record all these down. It will be really heartwarming reading them time and time again when we are old…

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