Banded in Matrimony

We got our wedding rings today!!!! Well, not really… as in, we didn’t buy anything, but we certainly decided where we were going to get them! And it’s all thanks to Enling who recommended Fairies Inc. to me, a wonderful little establishment that makes customized wedding bands.

And by golly, there were really interesting designs! Thin bands, thick bands, champagne gold, rose gold, black gold (yes, BLACK gold), white gold, platinum… etchings, engravings or embossing. And couples have come up with all kinds of ideas!

Elvish etchings on your wedding bands anyone? Yep, there was a pair that did that. Fancy celtic designs? Your own designed logo? Initials weaved into the design? Ancient Chinese characters? Latin? Hebrew? How would you like your two rings to spell out something when they are fitted together? I’ve seen wedding dates, names, initials, even hearts formed this way. There was even a ‘jig-saw’ pair band that had a cross as the main design. You could put the two rings together ‘face-to-face’ and the crosses fitted together like a 3-D jig-saw.

You’d like something really personal engraved on the inside? No problem. I was super impressed with one pair where the groom was a musician. He had 5 bars of a melody he composed to propose to his fiancee engraved inside his own ring, and as a surprise for the bride, he had the matching lyrics engraved inside of hers!

So what’s mine going to be like, you ask? *smug grin* Heh heh. Actually, nothing much lah… if you have seen my engagement band, you would know what my wedding band is mostly going to be like. It will be a more or less simple band with the scriptural words “I AM MY BELOVED’S” and “MY BELOVED IS MINE” engraved on the face of the ring.

Zibin and I love our engagement bands, and we’ve always wondered about the possibility of getting our wedding bands designed to echo them. Our engagement rings are cheap sterling silver rings that I bought from Windsor, Ontario back in 1999. Our wish has now come true, and we’re both very pleasantly surprised and happy.

A plug here for Fairies Inc. The service is really outstanding. The designer was brimming with ideas and very observant and attentive about each of our likes and preferences. And even the after sales service is impressive. They can remake your wedding rings or polish/service them for life. The first time is complimentary… and subsequent times just cost $30 per ring. Thanks, Enling, once again for telling me about it! *smile*


  1. WOW ann. I din’t realize that u and Zibin have been engaged this long!! and now its just one more year to the wedding… 8 years after that fateful day of proposal. wow

  2. Thank you dear! Actually, he proposed in May 2000, in Rome. But we got the rings earlier… long story. *heh*

  3. Hi Ann dear,

    I’m actually reading this on Aug 4, 2006 :) I had a really exciting day, I could not sleep last night preparing for a demo and presentation today, but luckily all went well! As I was walking out of the place, I suddenly remembered why I felt today was such a familiar day :) Happy anniversary, dear (and Zibin) :)

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