A New Spectator Sport

The OPLers, along with our guests Tingfang and Keith, had cheese fondue last night after an extremely tiring day of spring cleaning the kitchen. And after the cheese was gone, a bag of marshmellows was brought out for ‘toasting’ over the 4 tea candles that had been keeping our fondue pot warm.

I’m not usually a fan of marshmellows. But I found out much to my delight and amusement that watching people try to toast marshmellows can be a very fun past-time. Why? Because every now and then, somebody’s marshmellow catches fire. And the most humorous responses can be had. E.g. after failing to react immediately to his own marshmellow catching fire, somebody went, “I thought it was somebody else’s that caught fire.”

Some were extremely careful in toasting their marshmellows. So careful that you wonder if it was close enough to the flame to get toasted at all. Others plunged in, and had over-crispy marshmellows to show for it. But seriously, the sight of them catching fire and the expressions on people’s faces when that happens are just too funny.

In the end I did eat a couple of marshmellows. But while my liking for it as food hasn’t changed much, I think I’ll actually suggest toasting marshmellows the next time I have cheese fondue. It’s a rolicking post-meal laugh-fest!


Congratulations to Tingfang and Keith on their engagement!

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