My Funny Guy

Never a day goes by that I do not feel lucky to have Zibin in my life. Sometimes, I feel the sentiment more strongly than usual. Our past few days have been packed with the tiring activities of spring cleaning and shopping for Zibin’s Cornell apartment. At every step of the way, I couldn’t help appreciating what a huge help he’s been and how sweet and supportive he is about everything.

But of course, Zibin being Zibin, even something as mundane as cleaning can become interesting. Yesterday evening, we were both tired after rushing to buy things from Walmart and Chinatown for his apartment. We came home and still had to do more cleaning around the house.

Zibin was taking a break. I was Swiffer-dusting my table-lamp. Suddenly I heard sniggering coming from the direction of my bed.

Me: *suspiciously* “What’s so funny?”
ZB: *eyes gleaming with mischief* “You look like you are caressing the lamp.”
Me: *indignantly* “Darling!” *turns back and resumes dusting*
ZB: *in a high-pitched and dramatic voice for my table-lamp* “Oh, oh stop tickling me! Please, stop tickling me!”

Several yells, threats, and a couple of hearty slaps from me later, we both resumed cleaning. The interlude was brief but invigorating. I love such little moments in life. :P


It’s National Day for Singapore! Zibin and I wore bright red today (I wore this year’s NDP t-shirt that has “SINGAPORE” printed across the front). Hmm. It would have been fun to hold an NDP-themed party today. Cheesy? C’mon! Where’s ur sense of patriotism and fun? *lol*


  1. OH NO!?!? Stop tickling and caressing me!?! The swiffer is making me feel so ticklish… :PP

    What are you thinking? Obviously I am imitating the lamp… :O

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