I've been eating… WHAT?!

Ok, every now and then I wish I wasn’t SO ignorant about certain things.

It started on Saturday when I went to the TCM store. Melissa wanted to know what was good to eat for beautifying the skin. During the conversation, the boss-lady mentioned 雪蛤膏 (she pronounced it xue3 ha1 gao1). We didn’t quite get what it was except that it was from the inside of some kind of frog (snow frog?). I thought it was pretty ironic since Melissa had asked the question and she absolutely abhors frogs.

We thought the name looked very familiar, though we couldn’t quite place it because of the way it sounded. But the mystery was solved today when I mentioned it to mom over the phone.

Mom:”That’s right…it’s good. You’ve always liked to eat it.”
Me:“I do?!”
Mom:“You always ask for it for dessert when it’s available at restaurants.”
Me:*thinks* “You mean, ‘xue3 ha1 gao1’ is ‘xue3 ge2’?!”

***pause while mom tells me what it is***

Me:“I’ve been eating WHAT?!!?!?”
Mom:*laughs*”You didn’t know?”

I didn’t.

Forgive me, but I’m not particularly adventurous when it comes to eating innards outside of liver. I’ve liked that dessert since the days before I got to read the menu. Back then I would not have even touched it if I had known what it was. But the dessert itself looks harmless enough, and tastes so good! I never realized I was even eating something that used to be part of a living thing. For some reason, all these years I never thought to ask what it was.

Well, it’s interesting to find out that one of my all-time favourite desserts is the dried fallopian tubes of a frog. :P


  1. Heh heh, I didn’t know that as well, but then again, I was never a real fan of xue3 ge2… HEE HEE… fallopian tubes… :P

  2. Good grief.

    Let me direct you attention to this particular entry of my blog.


    Look at the date of the entry. And may I suggest you read the comments too? Cos you commented some more.

    FOUR months ago, I blogged about 雪蛤膏, and YOU COMMENTED. How can you only have realised today what 雪蛤膏 is? Tsk tsk.

  3. To metwin1

    *grimace* Ok, now I remember. But for some reason it never linked. Maybe that’s why the name looked so familiar.

    But still, I wouldn’t have known that I’d been eating it all this while, masquerading under an entirely different sounding name!

    To meow
    It looks like small whitish gelatinous blobs (semi-transparent)… usually floating in sweetened water (cos it’s double-boiled with rock sugar).

  4. aieeee that’s it. i have been conned. *faints* she did this before the wedding when i was DESPERATE for a better complexion and stupid enuff to believe her.

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