Back in the City

Back in T.O. Border crossing was smooth this time (doesn’t anybody want to come to Canada? :P), but traffic into Toronto was horrendous due to CNE and the Air Show. *sigh*

Still more driving later as I am going to airport with Melissa to fetch Li Ning & Jing Jing. Meanwhile, I think a nap is due.

Photos from the trip are already up. And you can download larger-size (up to original) versions of two different panoramas by clicking on the photos below.


View from ‘look-out point’.


View from top of the bell tower.


  1. Lucky you. managed to catch the squirrels in action. i’m so pissed i deleted some photos without downloading them, one of which was my pigeon stumpy caught in the act with his girlfren. the pic was really good! stumpy and galpal were in sharp focus while wings were aflutter. *stupid me*

  2. Woman, you are so predictable. When I uploaded that photo I just knew you were going to comment!

    And you mean you keep pigeons?

  3. no lah, this was the one-legged pigeon that came to visit me when i was lonely in the afternoons when davin was away in school. we cooed to each other. ;)

    davin refused to believe that you could carry on a conversation with a pigeon. until he tried it. after that he was more excited than me whenever stumpy came by to say hi.

    you know, when stumpy didn’t visit for the longest time we thot he’d eloped with his gal and clean forgotten abt us. *unrateful brat we thot* and then he came back to say bye bye to me my last day there. i was so sad i cried and cried. poor hubby was at a loss. he’d never seen me so unconsolable before. ok, maybe when we left SG and i was bawling in the plane “i want my dadddddy…” yeah me at aged 27.

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