C'est la vie

Has there been a spate of bad luck running around? I think I may have the (mis)fortune of encountering it, cos I think I may have lost my passport. The timing couldn’t have been better, cos I am supposed to go to L.A. to see my Grandma next Monday. Now we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

I’m a little bemused as to how it happened cos it really seems to have disappeared into thin air. But I’m touched by the concern and sympathy shown by my housemates, and the effort they’ve put into searching for it. Ah well, what to do? Such is life, sometimes. Sometimes I think there’s an intricate conspiracy to keep me busy running errands… :P


I caught a mild cold again. Third time since I got back to N. America. Am really not in the best of health *wry*.

But I’m getting plenty of company. In the last couple of weeks, everybody in my house has caught a chill… and now my houseguest also (Li Ning). So many of us have TCM to cook that OPL is definitely smelling like a Chinese medicine shop.


Did you know roses taste bitter? Li Ning had told me about her new love, rose tea, when I was back in Singapore. Today she made rose tea for me to try. And yes, it is delightfully light and fragrant. It’s also pretty to look at, and really good for your health too. :) We ended up buying a pound of rosebuds to share between us. After finishing a pot of the tea, we tasted a rosebud each. *makes funny face* Stick to the tea :P


Over dinner, Melissa and Wanting recounted a funny episode in Cornell for Li Ning’s entertainment.

At Cornell’s Dairy Bar, they have ice-cream named after personalities. There was one called ‘Teet’s Delight‘ (named after a man named Teet, of course). After seeing that that particular flavour had blueberry swirls, Melissa wanted to tease Calvin who hated blueberries (and for whom Wanting had brought a bag of blueberries after the doctor said they were good for him).

Melissa: *in a highly animated tone* “Hey Wanting! You should ask Calvin to eat Teet’s Delight!”

Wanting, who had not seen the label for that flavour, gave Melissa a stunned and disbelieving look that caused the Dairy Bar staff to break into chuckles.

What sounds like “Teet” and is linked to dairy? *grin*


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