It was lost, but now is found

Photo of my ‘newly-found’ passport…upon Mel’s request :P

Yes, I found my ‘houdini’ passport! This morning. In the rental car I drove to Cornell. Yesterday, the guy at Budget had helped me look but said he didn’t see it. I thought I’d give it one last shot in person this morning (hoping that the car was still there), but I really didn’t have much hope. But there it was!

Big hugs for Wanting and Melissa who woke up an hour earlier than they had to just to help me look in the car. The three of us were standing outside the Budget office waiting for it to open. It was pretty amazing, within less than a minute after we started looking, Melissa found my passport in the gap between the front passenger seat and the arm-rest.

It is a huge relief to recover my passport. But it wasn’t lost for nothing. Personally, this is the calmest and least upset I have ever been over losing anything. It’s a small thing, but I feel like I’ve passed an important pop quiz.
Besides, this little fiasco has also shown me how blessed I am with the people around me. Melissa and Wanting really went out of their way to help. From offering to come home from work during lunch yesterday to help me search (I managed to tell Ting not to do that, but Melissa came home without warning :P), to sieving through their bags and mine, to sacrificing sleep this morning… *phew*. Even if I had really lost my passport, I feel richer than I was a day ago! :P

Well, looks like I can make my L.A. trip afterall. And my feeling this morning was neatly summed up by Melissa who said, “It’s such a nice feeling when you find something that you had lost.”

There are a lot more important things in our lives that we lose without realizing… perhaps even our selves. Here’s to finding what has been lost!


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