Season For Joy

It’s the first week of Advent, and there have been joyful moments in the lives of those I know, and knowing of those moments makes me so happy for them. :)

Congratulations to Weiming and Yingjie on their baby boy Jingkai, born on Nov 19! He is absolutely beautiful… I can’t believe you guys are parents now. Wow!

Congratulations to dear Shi Qi – Felicia Poh (!) – who was baptized into the Catholic Church on the Feast of Christ The King on Nov 26. And Happy Birthday to you as well (now you have 2 birthdays in the span of 4 days!), and good luck for your Bar exams. I’m sorry to have missed the celebrations in person, but we’ll make up for it no matter how belated it is, ok?!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Yuandong who celebrated his birthday and got engaged on the same day (Dec 1)! It’s been an amazing journey for him and his girlfriend, and I’m very happy to hear the news.

Well, a great start to ‘the season to be jolly’, eh?


  1. Yiling!!! Hi girl! :)

    Yeah, talk abt coincidence. John smsed Yuandong a birthday greeting right after midnight, and found out that he had just proposed. ^^

  2. Hi Ann! Dropped you an email, but thanks anyway for the post!!

    Oh and can you ask wanting to email me yuandong’s number? Geehou wants it. Haha. :D

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