Roommate Follies


When Serena was here, she made an observation to me that Ting & Mel really seemed to inject life into OPL, and of course she’s right.

All that girlish banter…sometimes serious, often nonsensical…

Heard today coming from the foyer and kitchen respectively of OPL1204, to the tune of Beethoven 5th’s distinctive motif:

“Ann ann ann ann!!!!!”
“Sa sa sa sa…”
(In unison) “Ann ann ann ann ann ann ann ann ann ann ann ann ann annnnnn!!!” / “Sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa saaaa!!!”
*momentary pause*
Melissa appears at the door to the kitchen (where I was).
Melissa: “Xiao za bors.”

All that cooking and mutual feeding…

Woke up this morning and there was this note on my door:

Hey Ann,

I bought egg-bread cos I wanted to make French Toast! In case you are going 4 an early mass, order the # of toast you want here: ________.

Will be ready by 9:40a.m. WT.

I wasn’t going for early mass, and I walked into the kitchen while Ting was preparing to cook. Ended up we had a lovely breakfast chit-chat while the rest of the apartment was still in Dream Land.

All that ‘koping’ of each other’s food…

Melissa:”Eh Ann, sorry I eat so many of your Oreo cookies.”
Me:”No prob lah…(haven’t eaten it since making the cheesecake anyway)”
Melissa:”Hey Ting! Want to eat some Oreos?”
Me: *laughingly* You just said you were sorry for eating so many of my cookies!”
Melissa:”Yah but if more people eat then I dun feel so bad mah…”

All that mutual-‘mothering’…

(1) One rare morning where Ting & Mel were going to work at the same time and I was there to lock the door after them:

Ting & Mel standing outside the door in their working outfits, me in my PJs about to close the door.
Ting: *wagging a finger at me* “Don’t be naughty ah…乖乖做功课!”
Me: “Orh… bye bye!!!”

(2) Me contemplating an egg-tart that’s been in the fridge for some time.

Me: “Hey Mel, is this egg-tart from the ones I bought before I left for Cornell?”
Melissa: “Yah, quite long already. Don’t eat ah! Throw away!”
Me: “Huh? But… really cannot eat already ah?”
Melissa: “Custard not good to keep too long. Throw away lah…” *pats me on the head* “ä¹–ä¹–, I’ll buy again for you ok!”

(3) Mel and Ting discussing pets…

Melissa:”Ann, can we have a pet?”
Me: *very sternly* “No!”
Melissa: *looking and sounding even cuter* “Why not? Can we have a cute little rabbit?”
Me:”Not unless you keep it solely to your room and clean the poop out everyday and make sure nowhere in the apartment smells!”
Melissa:”You sound like my mom…I like to have pet to poke and squeeze…”
*Melissa and Ting chats a bit more about pets*
Melissa:”Ann, can we have a hedgehog?!”
Me:”A hedgehog? I thought you wanted a pet you could poke!”
Ting:*laughing* “Yah, with hedgehog you can let it poke you!”


Heh heh… it’s hard not to love them!


  1. After I said ‘Dont be naughty’ that morning, I actually told Melissa that I felt like we are parents going off to work and leaving a kid at home haha…

  2. ok lor… as long as my ‘mummies’ come home everyday and call me ‘ä¹–’, and I have french toast to eat, 我心满意足 liaoz… ^^

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