We do and say so many things during the course of a day. Are we mindful of what we do and say? Of the motivations within us that drive those words and actions? Of the impact of our words and actions on others?

Without mindfulness, compassion has limited power. Love cannot flow into our thoughts, words, and actions unless we can be mindful of what we are doing.

We can only be mindful when we are at peace with ourselves. When we can look into our hearts and become quiet. When the wars within us cease, and we can be still.

Such moments are hard to come by, but how vital it is to try everyday to achieve even a few moments of such stillness. For only when we are at peace can we be mindful. And only when we are mindful can we be messengers of peace.

There is more destruction wreaked by careless mindlessness than with calculated malice. Let’s try to be mindful, shall we? And may we all be cloaked in compassion. Today. Tomorow. Always!

Thanks, Cathy!

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