Holiday Highlights

Charlie WHEE!!!! Brotherz at play
Zibin & Mom at St. Anne de Beaupre Christmas Presents! Flock of birds taking flight off Highway 96 (Ithaca)
Corinthian Pillars View from Mom & Dad John making cheesecake

What happens when you have 2 trigger-happy people on a trip? Too many photographs! :P After a selection and screening process, I managed to pare down my family’s holiday photos to 1996 (that’s from both my camera and John’s).

I’ve selected some highlights from that ponderous collection to be shared in my online album. So click on any of the above thumbnails to view photos from one of the following sub-albums: Funny Moments, People, Streets & Buildings, Pretty Sights and Sequence Shots.

Here’s a tip for Sequence Shots: View all the photos once first so that when you go over them the second time there is no loading time-lag. Use your ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys to browse rapidly through the photos and watch us do our funky dances for you. :D

Also, there’s a video folder, but the video is mpeg-2 and I still have problems viewing it from my browser. If anyone knows how to solve that problem, let me know! If you do manage to watch it, I hope you laugh. It’s a ‘trailer’ of ‘The Action Movie of the Year’, created by John from the photos and videos from our holiday. :)

I just watched all the videos that John created of our holiday. Two thoughts: 1) John’s got real comic and artistic talent. 2) I have a very spontaneous, sporting and funny family!

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