It Is Nice To Be Sick…

It felt terrible to be sick, the past week. It was the first time I fell sick since I arrived in North America. It was at the end of my winter break that I caught a cold. My nose was blocked most of the time, but thanks to Nazolin, I was able to breathe better. Still, my running nose gave me a headache, which kinda kept me half-awake through a couple of nights. I was feeling ‘feverish”, although I wasn’t actually having one, and my body was aching from the cold bug. Thank goodness my throat was well most of the time, but that’s just a small consolation. In fact, I had to delay for 2 days my driving back to Ithaca, because I was simply feeling horrible and tired.


For the few days that I was down (5 days to be exact), I was pretty much pampered with lotsa nice food and drink. I had soup almost every meal, and they were all yummy recipes. I guess I’ve never before tasted so many different kinds of tasty soup within such a short span of time. The ingredients were all healthy stuff that ranged from tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots and veges to pork ribs, chicken breast and scallops. I also had a continuous serving of hot lemon honey tea that made my blocked nose and dry throat feel much better. I had additional socks at night to keep me warm, and I didn’t have to worry about the humidifier running dry! I was pampered with tender, loving and care far beyond the horrors of the sickness. :)

It IS nice to be sick, when Ann’s around, cos she’s always there to take good care of me… Heh

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