Happy Birthday to the 3 of You!

We had a perfectly lovely Alice in Wonderland tea party for three lovable ladies today, and I just want to say I wish all of you a very happy birthday and…

Jing Jing:
Who would have known that the decision to go grocery shopping together one rainy afternoon last year would have opened the door to so much more? I’ve enjoyed our many deep philosophical discussions about life and I thank you for the generous gift of your trust and friendship! :)

At this moment, words simply cannot convey what I feel. Just… thank you. For everything.

Phei Yee:
Hey! I’m totally enjoying our yoga and makan sessions… I’m so glad that God had intended for us to be linked in a deeper way than just through John (ha ha). I look forward to more fun times with you before we both say au revoir to fair Toronto!


  1. I had a great time yesterday~ :) It was the most homey bday celebration ( dressing up and decorating, birthday cake & candles & presents, playing games in the living room) I have in Toronto. Thank you so much! =)
    Thanks for sharing, and always willing to share your yoga, religion and other experiences with me. And ya, we should share more fun times together b4 we leave Toronto :)

  2. Too many “thank-you”s in this blog entry… So I say: “You’re Welcome!”

    No lah, I have to say thank you to you too. I’ve had many takeaway lessons from talking and living with you too. Boo to me for not making it to your wedding… I wish you a beautiful one, and a fulfilling marriage ahead!

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