My Surprise BBQ Farewell Party

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Yummy Wings Our BBQ! Group Photo! Yee Leng
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I’m usually a very bad target for surprises. Just ask Zibin! As much as I seem oblivious to everyday goings on at times, I am usually very savvy when it comes to signals that there’s something cooking under my nose. But today, when I turned up at Tingfang’s condo for what I thought was a small BBQ with just her, Keith, Wanting, Calvin and me, I was totally blown out of the water to find out it was a surprise farewell party for me!

In fact, I was so surprised and so touched when I saw all their happy faces smiling at me that I couldn’t contain my tears… which in turn was a surprise for my friends! *ha ha*

Thank you all for coming… and for Zoe and Kenneth who couldn’t make it, for calling me. Thank you Tingfang & Wanting for planning it so seamlessly and sneakily that I had what has to be the best surprise I can remember (other than my 21st Birthday Surprise from Zibin which was the only other surprise to have made me cry in my life)! And thank you Leng, for making such a delicious treat from your wonderful recipe book. :P

I am blessed to have you all as friends in Toronto. :) I look forward to the TSO Disney concert and La Traviata next week when I’ll see a lot of you again!!!

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