Poor John

I called my mom who’s traveling in China with my grandmother to wish her Happy Mothers’ Day. In the process I found out that John is in Changi General Hospital because the poor boy had injured his right leg: torn the ligament, dislocated his ankle and fractured his leg in two places while playing soccer on Saturday. Oh, and in the process of getting injured he scored what may be the most beautiful goal in his life, a hard hit to the top corner of the net. *wry*

I just talked to John for the last 90 mins and he’s in very good spirits. He’ll have to be hospitalized for at least a week, and he has to go for another surgery in 6-8 weeks’ time to remove two of the screws currently in his ankle. SIA is paying for all his medical bills which total about $9000 and we were joking that it was his way of getting a piece of the corporate pie since he joined the company too recently to get the 6.07 month bonus that SIA employees are getting due to their bumper profit last year.

I wish I could be with him now, but it sounds like he is being taken care of very well by our cousin (a joker that made John laugh and want to punch him at the same time during his ambulance ride) and of course, Cathy. (Both my parents are out of town) :) And at least I’ll be going back in less than a months’ time and I’ll be in time to be at his beck and call when he’s convalescing at home. :P

Please pray for John to recover soon and recover well… it’s a tricky place to injure and we all really hope he’ll regain full mobility in that joint!

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