My Weekend

IMG_0032.JPG Roast Duck Hor Fun from 满庭芳 IMG_0066.JPG

Saturday was my much anticipated date with Wanting (one of the very rare times we actually make plans to go out together for an extended period of time). The original plan was to visit UTSC (UT’s Scarborough Campus) so I could show Wanting where I spent my first year in Toronto and for me to see the new buildings there. However, since Wanting was still feeling unwell, we decided to change plans. After a long lunch at Pho Hung on Bloor, I showed Wanting my office in OISE and we went to Koreatown to get our hair cut. We whiled the rest of the afternoon away relaxing and chatting over chrysanthemum tea and a favourite floury treat of Wanting’s. :)

Today, I fulfilled the offer I made Melissa months ago when I found out she had never really seen UofT before. I brought her and Zoe on a short walking tour of the St. George Campus after we had our lunch at the House of Gourmet. The weather was pretty good and we took some pretty fun pictures which you can view at this album. :)

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