Life & Death

Last Saturday, I heard from a dear friend that she almost drowned the weekend before in Phuket on a company retreat. Her accident occurred at the same time another Singaporean drowned at a neighbouring beach. My friend may not know, but her account to me of her near death experience gave me much to reflect upon. I am so very glad she’s alright, although the scare is still there.

Then, yesterday, when I was walking in the Changi Airport parking lot, I was nearly hit by a Mercedes that was speeding up the ramp. The ground was slippery as the ground was being washed. I froze in fright as the car screeched to a halt in front of me and I could see the frightened expression of the two men in the front seats as well. Then, as I started moving to scramble to the side, the car started up again before I got out of the way, giving me another fright.

I was unscratched, but the experience kept me jittery the entire day. I couldn’t help thinking: What if something had happened to me? In that one instant everything could have changed.

And then this morning, I read in STI the sad news of the motorcyclist that died in an accident a week before her wedding. My heart goes out to her fiance and family who must still be in shock.

There’s actually a bright side to this otherwise rather depressing experience. It was a startling reminder that anyone could go at anytime. There are some things that really should never be put off until work is all done or until we’ve put enough food on the table. Time is more valuable than money. A loving message, a hug, a kiss or a smile is priceless to those whom you love and who love you. Don’t put it off… because we never know when it would be too late.


Sweet Jesus, You have conquered Death so that we may have eternal life. The time You have given us to live out in this world is a chance for us to return Your love by loving our brothers and sisters, and yet we waste so much of our time on earth chasing empty ambition, vain glory and easy comfort.

Help us, please, to keep our hearts true. Remind us always that no matter what we attain or achieve in this lifetime, we will one day return to dust. Let us not waste our lives, however long or short they may be. May the light of our lives burn bright for You and for all those we love! Amen.

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