Blooper of the Day

Scene: Esso Gas Station in Clementi Ave 2. John wanted to go into the store with me so I had to go get his crutch which was in the trunk of the car.

Me: *getting out of the driver’s seat* “你不要下车!我先去后面拿你的 CROTCH。”


  1. Dear John John boy,

    it will be a close fight between your sis and zhengyu as to who can get a deeper blush out of you on your wedding day when they give their speeches.

    bet she was cackling as soon as she said it, eh? =P

  2. Actually, I didn’t even realize I had said that. But later when John told me what I had said of course I couldn’t stop laughing… heh heh heh…

  3. Not too sure about her blurting this out on her wedding day. It would make for an interesting speech though. Better run through what she plans to read out and remove all those potentially ‘damaging-to-john-if-mispronounced’ words first.

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