RSAF Family Cohesion Day

F16 D+ and RSAF pilots [this shot is pretty nice in larger size]

Dunno why these pilots like very act cool to me… it was a cloudy day but they all were wearing shades and ‘lounging’ while letting the wind blow their hair… ha ha… too bad none of them look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun :P Still, quite like this shot. Would be better if not for the Chinook blade entering the frame!

An Apache attack helicopter. Does it look like a bug to you? :P

RSAF Black Knights

Zibin’s big big big boss (i.e. Chief Air Force) decided a while ago that they shouldn’t waste the rehearsals that the RSAF Black Knights had to put in for the Singapore Air Show. That’s why they came up with the RSAF Family Cohesian Day when RSAF personnel and their family and friends could go and preview the Black Knights. So Zibin brought me on this little excursion which turned out to be a pretty fun date!

Did you know that our RSAF engineers had to research into how to create more smoke for the Black Knights? That makes for lots of jokes eh… “Eh, hubby, so your job is to create smoke ah?” “Don’t smoke me ah…” :P (Actually it is one of Zibin’s good friends who is in charge of the Black Knights; Zibin has nothing to do with them) Don’t belittle the smoke business though… if you watch the other aerial displays that lack the ‘super-smoke’, you realize what a great difference the smoke makes! Of course it might have been more spectacular if it had been red smoke, but that went out the window after the red-dye incident. :P

For other pics of the Black Knights aerial display, check out the album.

[Some of the more interesting displays such as the Mirror Pass where one jet flies upside-down on top of another one were captured on video instead. No pics! Sorry :P]

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  1. o revelation on why pp wear shades when i went to SA was that apart from the sun, it is a very good windblock for the eyes esp if they drive at high speeds… not sure abt these guys lah.. but now i realised that when those pp wear shades and drive open top cars, its because of the wind factor also.. less drying for eyes, esp if wear contacts. heh. I have started to grow a liking for shades now when i take my bro’s car (his windscreen not tinted and the flap on the overheard compartment in his front seat cannot be lowered). Also, for girls, they make really good hairbands! :)

  2. Ah how true! Also, in winter people also wear shades cos when the sun reflects off the snow it can be very glaring! Also handy during snow-storms to keep the snow and wind away from the eyes and they look better than goggles :P

    It’s a must on the road (my eyes will water if I drive long distance in glaring sun), and Singapore sun can be pretty hard on the eyes from the front seat!

    But as for those pilots… heh, I still feel like they’re posing for the cameras they know are pointed at the F-16 :P ha ha ha

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