Our brand of romance

Our Valentine’s Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it was just another ordinary day for us. At the risk of sounding soppy, we celebrate our relationship more than once a year on a day when everything from flowers to chocolate to dining out cost an extra premium!

A quiet Indian dinner at a coffee shop. A rented movie. Same old jokes and our brand of sweet nothings that go something like this:

A: *after Z has been disturbing me* “Oi! Stop it! You want me to let you smell my feet?”
Z: *without missing a beat* “You want me to fart in your face?”

… we both collapse into each other’s arms with uncontrollable mirth…

Who needs roses and candle-light dinners? We have our own way of expressing love.

Standing side-by-side at the kitchen sink doing dishes.
Praying together before we sleep.
Going grocery shopping together.
Sharing a meal or a snack at home, at Mac-D, or at any coffee-shop or restaurant.
Cleaning our house together and splitting the chores.

Any everyday activity becomes a laugh and love-filled date when he’s there with me. :D

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