New spin to "think of me…" & "what r u doing right now?"

My hubby sent me a sweet romantic sms in the middle of the day yesterday. After he got home, he was talking about his day when he suddenly referred to the sms.

ZB: *smiling impishly* You like, right?
Me: Yes, yes, score high points! How come so sweet one, still think of me when so busy at work?
ZB: I was taking a break mah.
Me: Oh?
ZB: *half sheepishly* I was in the toilet lah.
Me: … …

I don’t know how to describe how I felt at that moment. I wanted to laugh but it was also so sweet at the same time I wanted to hug him. *chuckle*


2 days ago I received an sms from John.

John: Jie, are you free on wed night? I need u to help me with trial make-up.

I thought I read wrong. Trial MAKE-UP? Couple of smses later I realized he was talking about his company’s Costume D&D this week for which he is planning to go as Captain Jack Sparrow. He wanted to try the costume make-up and wanted my help… so I ended up going over last night.

We searched for pictures and sorted out dark eye-liners from my mom’s kit and soon John was drawing on his face with eye-liner. When he was in the middle of the task, his phone rang.

John: Hi Leon. (it was his childhood friend/neighbour/soccer/work-out buddy calling him to go for a run)

Leon asked a question and John’s face suddenly took on a weird expression… a comical mixture of horror and helplessness.

John: What am I doing right now…? Er… *silence*

I couldn’t help myself, I shrieked with laughter and shouted, “He’s putting on eye make-up!!!!!!!” I could hear the stunned silence on Leon’s side followed by an incredulous, “WHHHAAAAAT?????”

That moment was priceless! Of course the trial make-up session went very well. John’s an artist, after all. And who would have known that even as I’m pushing 30 years old, that I’d get a chance to play with make-up with my little brother? ha ha ha :P

I want to thank my darling hubby and brother for giving me permission to share these moments on my blog. I’m sure their generosity has brought mirth to you! :P


  1. Just for the record, I sometimes also, er, send my hubby sms-es when I am also in the toilet… haha… it’s like taking a breather you know :) WHen you finally have some ‘spare time’… Haha…

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