My 'other halves' and (poor) me

Zibin (my spouse ‘other-1/2’), Ivy (my original prefect ‘other-1/2’) and I were having a conversation and the topic drifted somehow to Korean dramas. (Ivy has never watched any Korean drama, ever.)

I mentioned a trivia I had just come across recently, that Autumn in My Heart was the first K-drama that sparked the Korean wave in Asia, followed by the other hugely popular Winter Sonata. I also mentioned that many summers ago, Serena (my sis-in-law) had lent me her VCD set of Autumn in My Heart (I watched it but didn’t really like it). It was roughly at this point that the madness began.

[summary of the conversation]

ZB: Winter Sonata and Autumn in My Heart are the same drama.
Me: No lah! They’re 2 different dramas.
ZB: *looking very earnest* No, they are the same drama. “Sonata” means “before”. And what is before Winter? Autumn right? So Winter Sonata and Autumn in My Heart are the same drama.
Ivy: *intrigued and believing* Really?
Me: *to Ivy* No…
ZB: *interrupts me* Yes it is.
Me: *to ZB* Eh, that’s nonsense ok. You can’t trick me. I KNOW they are different dramas.
ZB: *still looking very earnest and serious* I also KNOW they are the same.
Ivy: *to me* Hey, maybe you should ask Serena about it.
Me: ?! Why should I need to ask Serena about it?
Ivy: It was her VCD right? She probably knows better…
Me: But I watched that drama too! Bae Yong Joon (lead actor of Winter Sonata and super K-idol) was definitely not in “Autumn”… so can’t be same drama right?
Ivy: Er… that doesn’t help me cos I don’t know who the Korean actors are. I think you go home and double-check lah…
ZB: *starting to get a smug look on his face* I agree.
Me: *miffed that Ivy actually believes Zibin over me* How can you take Zibin’s word over mine? In a topic on KOREAN DRAMAS some more!
Ivy: *laughs* Ha ha cos I don’t associate you with Korean dramas mah…
Me: *incredulous* That may be true but do you actually think Zibin knows more about Korean dramas than ME?
ZB: *eyes twinkling* No lah. It boils down to credibility.

Ivy laughs while I glare at Zibin.

ZB: Or maybe Ivy just trusts me more than she trusts you… because I never caused her to be rejected as monitor.

Ivy laughs even harder as I give up on the situation. Have I EVER won in such a situation against Zibin before? N-O. Only this time around, the person that kena conned by him was Ivy instead of me! *laughs*

Back story/ elaboration:

Back in Primary 6, I inadvertently influenced our form teacher not to choose Ivy as class monitor because I described her as ‘too playful’ when I was asked what I thought about the monitor candidates. Apparently that rejection had a huge impact on Ivy, making her sometimes over-serious and zealous about her responsibilities at work ever since. This is something Ivy will probably never let me forget for the rest of my life even though in Sec 3 I backed her selection as Asst. Head Prefect very strongly and have been an admirer of her abilities ever since. :P

Zibin’s a master joker/prankster especially when it comes to telling tall stories. Ivy has always been very easy to trick because she’s very trusting. Although she knew that sonata means ‘song’, she actually believed Zibin when he said that it means ‘before’. She thought it was a second meaning. :P

My info on K-dramas come the same way as my info on Jay Chou… news and articles. Second-hand knowledge can be just as credible ok!


  1. eh, i have watched korean drama lah… not THAT swaku.. just never followed them or really finish as series mah

    how i know sonata doesn’t have any possible second meanings? and i was just being fair.. ask serena lor

  2. ha ha ok paiseh, i thot u were really that extreme. not very hard to imagine mah, cos i could easily be that suaku. (though am not lah).

    as for the sonata thing… i know it’s hard for you to tell, but Zibin was in his prankster mode which meant that nothing he says could be believed. then again, even I sometimes kena conned, so really didn’t expect you to be able to dodge the bullet! :P

    (Serena jie, if you see this comment, can help me reply IVY!!! *pout* She keeps insisting I ask YOU!!!! See my friend also don’t believe me because of your naughty brother. You must help me!!!!)

  3. Winter Sonata a.ka. Winter Ballad/Winter Love Story. It is translated as Dong Ji Lian Ge in Chinese, so you can say Sonata means love song. And yes, Autumn in my Heart is NOT the same as Winter Sonata! no link watsoever…..I prefer Autumn in my Heart :)

  4. Since when does Sonata mean ‘before’?!?!??! Yes I think Sonata means ‘song’ or ‘expression’ or something like that. Must ask Beatrice, she’s the musically talented one. I only know Beethoven had the Moonlight Sonata (one of my favourite pieces by the way)… so I am very sure Sonata does not mean ‘before’, else you will say Moonlight Sonata is the same as daylight right… :P Ivy dear, you cannot believe everything my Elec senior says you know :) The more serious he is ah, the more you cannot believe him! Haha… oops oops :P

    I like Woon Bin in Autumn in my Heart, he’s a very rare and dashing character in the show :) But the winter scenes in Winter Sonata very nice, especially when they were both still students, where they played truant to play in the snow :) Otherwise, both soundtracks are superb :)

  5. Thank you Serena & YW for coming to my rescue!!! ha ha… and yes yes, Won Bin was really dashing. I liked him too (and so did Serena oh!!!).

    Ha ha Yinwei ah, you got Zibin pegged down! “The more serious he is… the more you cannot believe him…!” ha ha ha… He orh, very good at 吹牛 when he wants. It takes experience to tell when he’s bluffing… I think Yinwei and I both kena conned by him a LOT of times way back when we were first in Toronto by Zibin. Hor Yinwei? HA HA.

  6. hahahah yeah!! i was duped by zibin’s seriousness!! ok now i know. .the more serious he is, the more he cannot be believed.

  7. Ivy Toh, I’m still upset that you DIDN’T BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you not trust my credibility! *sniff*

    And er… before my hubby sees these comments and accuse me of ruining his reputation again, I must make disclaimer first: it’s not everytime Zibin is serious that he’s playing a prank lah… must see context. *clears throat* He really can be very mature and wise one orh! Must be Ivy’s seen too many instances of Zibin being mature and serious that’s why got tricked lah! :P

  8. ann, i did not realise that your credibility in the area of korean dramas means so much to you!?!? hahahaha.

    yeah.. i thought he was serious also , so in order not to be the stirrer of dissension and family conflicts, i decided that an objective third party’s opinion would be the safest. heh

  9. Ha ha it’s not about credibility in the area of korean dramas lah, just credibility… I wouldn’t insist that I’m certain about something unless I really was mah, and I thought you knew that. Besides, the two dramas we were talking about are like possibly the two best known Korean dramas ever and it’s so widely written about in news and talked about, no need to be K-drama aficionados to know about it.

    I’m not *really* upset lah. And you won’t be the stirrer of dissension, cos Zibin’s the one fanning the flames. :P Like he reminded me again yesterday, “You were right, but Ivy trusted me! Hee hee…” He knows how to rankle me… ha ha… it’s like a no-win situation for me because he knows I like to be right, but I also wanted you to trust me!

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