You make me smile

Why is it that small simple acts can make me break out into the biggest and goofiest of grins?
How is it that someone doesn’t have to say “I love you” or “I miss you” directly and yet somehow the message is received loud and clear so far away?
Why do I experience such sudden surges of happiness when I get to know that my friends are thinking of me?
Guess I’m just a lucky, goofy, funny little creature in this regard!

You made me smile a lot today. Sometimes I wonder if you know how much I appreciate the little ways you care for me and think of me, because often, like today, I don’t say it out. :)

Having deep friendships, like any relationship, is never smooth sailing all the way. There will be challenges, there will be times of doubt, testing and pain. There may even be times when it feels as if the friendship might be lost or changed irrevocably. That’s because real friendships live and breathe to the same beat as life, and life is full of challenges.

But having friends who know your heart is an indescribable joy and blessing. Time and distance are no foil for such friendships as love continues to grow in the silent garden of our hearts.

I am an incredibly rich person because I have friends who love me a great deal. No promises are needed. We try to live the best we can and become the best versions of ourselves, and we leave the future of our friendships hidden in hope and trust. For in our love for each other we come to understand that the best love we can offer is to let the other live the life she is meant to live.

No need to hold on tightly to one another. That space we give one another is the sky that our love affords us to fly free and soar to our highest heights. After all, that’s what friends are really for, isn’t it? :)

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