Proud of you

The thing about my brother is that he is a dreamer. All through his schooling years right up to university, his heart had always been somewhere other than on the books he had to study.

He used to dream about being a professional soccer player, but of course, my parents didn’t support that idea. (I remember feeling torn between… on one hand I wanted to support John’s dream cos I really believed in all the ‘believe and you can succeed’ stuff; but on the other hand, my parents’ pragmatic reasoning also had pull on my realistic side.)

John also dreamed about managing his own soccer team. He kept a journal and he would simulate all kinds of statistics and scenarios. And being the artist that he is, he used to spend hours designing his dream team’s club crest and soccer jersey. For years, all that had just been his fantasy, remaining in his sketch book.

Then this year John found out about an amateur soccer league in Singapore which had professional associations. He formed a team… (of which Zibin was dismayed to discover he was the only one born in the 1970’s… ha ha)… and he found the sponsors… and he designed the team crest… and he designed the team jerseys… and they’ve all come to reality. I’ve seen the real deal… the jersey, the crest on the jersey… and I’ve seen the promotional ‘posters’ John has designed for the team website. In my humble opinion, they’re of a very professional standard. The details of all this cannot be revealed as yet, but I just want to say that I am so very, VERY proud of John.

He’s always been the kind of person that puts in 200% for something he is passionate about. I’m very happy for him that he’s managed to realize his dreams in a way. I can’t wait for the season to start cos that’s probably when I can share more details of his fantastic work on my blog! :P


  1. kor will be glad to realize that one of our keepers, who is Li Yu’s colleague, is born in 1977. One year earlier than him :)

  2. i told kor, and his response was, “He’s goal-keeper? Jialat… that means I’m still the oldest outfield player!” ha ha…

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