Big Apple Week

So I’ve been in New York practically a week now, and despite the interesting sights and sounds and the lovely time spent with family here, the thought that keeps recurring to me in my time here is: I miss Toronto. Heck, I miss Singapore too!

New York is a great city. In fact, New York is every bit as exciting and distracting as people say it is. But I’m just not a big city person. Even in my several trips to Europe in the past, the major cities never impressed me (except their cathedrals and museums). Paris was polluted, crowded, dirty and smelly (I kid you not) and didn’t feel safe in many places. Venice was disappointing. Rome was better, but still… it couldn’t compare to the smaller european towns where the air was fresh, locals were charmingly friendly and al fresco dining (even if I was just munching a sandwich next to a fountain) was divine. The exception was perhaps Florence because I’m seriously in love with the Italian Renaissance art movement and Florence is indubitably the heart of that, and still comparatively small and quaint for all its fame.

So we went to the Met (Zibin’s first time), and we went to The Cloisters which I liked for its medieval european architecture and art. And we caught Mary Poppins after much vascillating on my part (it was an excellent production though I could have done without it as well).

I enjoyed the weekend better when we took a road trip to Jim Thorpe PA, a pictureseque and historic town in the Pocono Mountains. We had some fun at two different factory outlets to and from Jim Thorpe as well (and Zibin and I managed to find replacements for our old luggages that were falling apart).

The highlight of this trip was spending time catching up with Serena and her family. We had loads of fun on that count, and it’s sweet to see how smitten Zibin is with his little niece. He’d happily push her stroller when we went out, make ridiculous funny faces to make her laugh, and play with her in any dozen of ways. Well, it is hard not to fall in love with such a small, cuddly, sweet bundle of joy!

It’s time to go back home to Singapore. Being in NY the past week has been a good transition as I feel ready to go home. I miss my Madeira home and the roti prata downstairs. I miss my loved ones, especially my mom whom I haven’t had a good chat with in such a long time. To everyone waiting for me back home, I’ll see you soon!

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