Fondly Osmond

Over the past few days, hubby and I have been watching and re-watching this 1970s video of The Osmond Brothers performing ‘Love Me For A Reason’. As corny as it may seem, we like it. We think the brothers’ synchronized steps and gestures are cute! It’s also pretty cool to check out a teen Donny Osmond at the height of his popularity (though he’s just a back-up singer in this song… he’s the one in purple).

They’ll be performing in Singapore tomorrow! Too bad I won’t be there to see them live. Donny & Marie Osmond are names I’ve been familiar with since childhood because of my parents. If circumstances had been otherwise, it would have been nice to bring my parents to the concert!

Here they are again at their 50th anniversary concert tour performing the same song, this time along with younger brother Jimmy and sister Marie. A big family that’s been singing together for over 50 years. Pretty cool, don’t you think? :)


  1. hahaha sooo cool the 1970s version. Ann, can u and the girls do the synchronized dancing part for my wedding party (if ever lah!)? esp the “ahhhh” part at 3:18.
    how come marie didn’t appear in the 1970s..and how many of them are there in total?

  2. Ha ha i’ll ask the girls! ha ha ha… but it IS cute isn’t it?

    Marie prob hadn’t joined them at the time of the video. She does later, as well Jimmy. Donny & Marie also hosted a talk show in the late 70’s called the Donnie & Marie Show. U should check some clips on youtube… they’re adorable! V wholesome entertainment. :)

  3. Just refresh the page and it should work dear… this happens sometimes with these embedded youtube videos.

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