Swan Lake Redux

I vividly remember bringing Zibin to his first ballet, Swan Lake, back sometime in 2000 (i think). He barely managed to stay awake. I think he would have had more to comment about if he had watched Matthew Bourne’s male version of Swan Lake instead.

Although I usually dislike modern re-interpretations of gold classics, Bourne’s Swan Lake could be an exception. It helps, of course, that Adam Cooper makes a beguiling lead Swan. *heh* But the choreography is pretty cool too!

Do you remember the famous Act 2 scene of the four little swans doing the “pas de quatre”? Here’s a refresher:

Now check out Matthew Bourne’s four little masculine swans. I think they’re good!

And, to end the post with even more humour, here’s Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo‘s parody of the same scene with male dancers in drag!

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