An Aquarius' food follies with the Scorpios

Scene: Today’s breakfast at IMM Jurong… dim sum at food court…

Zibin had painstakingly cut up a piece of fried carrot cake for himself.

I didn’t see him do it… I was talking to my mom.

I take the piece of carrot cake he had cut up and pop it in my mouth.

Zibin: *eyes wide in protest* AHHH!!!!
Me: *puzzled* What? There’s still carrot cake left what!
Zibin: *resigned sigh* Yes but I just cut that piece out for myself! … nevermind…
Me:*chewing and laughing* … oh no! i’m so sorry…

All that while, my mom and her maid looked on at us in amusement.

It’s not that I don’t feel apologetic. I do! I just couldn’t help laughing because… well… just recently Zibin had commented on a blog entry that I do this sort of thing to him. And now I have nothing I can say. Except…I’m sorry darling! Boo.

Scene: Dinner with Ivy at Bon Bon Tea in Vivocity

We wanted to order an appetizer to share. Their selection was paltry… salad, soup, and what looked to me as a possibly promising vegetarian tart.

Me: Want to order the vegetarian tart?
Ivy: *vehemently* Ewww! Gross! How could you suggest that?
Me: What? It looks like it could be nice!
Ivy: *looks at the menu* How can it be nice? It has cauliflower. Broccoli! Bell peppers! All the worse possible things to have in an appetizer! (This coming from someone who loves Veggie Tales. The irony was not lost on me.)
Me: Ok ok! Man, I feel like I’m eating with Zibin. Let’s ask the waiter for suggestion.

Waiter comes over. We ask him to recommend something as a starter.

Waiter: Why don’t you try our vegetarian tart?

Ivy wrinkles her nose in distaste.

Me: Er… what else can you suggest?
Waiter: How about our house salad?
Me: *observing the escalating pain on Ivy’s face* Erm… do you have anything that doesn’t contain vegetables?
Ivy: *points at the menu in excitement* They have FISH FINGERS! Finally! Something decent!!!

The fish fingers was an entree, not an appetizer. But that was that. We shared fried fish fingers and french fries, a dessert crêpe with ice-cream and two pots of very interesting tea.

Several hours of food and very animated conversation later, Ivy and I discovered that we can share food peacefully if we sit at opposite sides of the table. That way our utensils don’t get entangled. Why, she even offered me the last bite of crêpe instead of hurling accusations at me! The difference that sitting positions can make… *grin*


  1. well, there are NO BROCCOLI and CAULIFLOWER and BELLPEPPER characters in veggietales :P i like cucumbers,tomatoes and peas just fine. and besides they don’t come together mashed up in a tart.. ews.

    and there was no pain on my face…i was just disappointed.

  2. Oh it was definitely stronger than disappointment *grin* ha ha. And sorry, I happen to love broccoli, cauliflower and bell peppers! They’re yum for me! That’s why I didn’t expect you to dislike them so much. Well, after 18 years, I learn something new about you. I’ll file the info for future meals. heh heh…

    And hey! The theme of Veggie Tales have broccoli and cauliflower! Check the lyrics out!

  3. hahah yes, i know. they prob figured they would look ugly as characters though..heh. yah, i call them wierd looking vegetables. vegetables should at most times be green and leafy. lady’s finger and brinjal also fall in that same category. long beans/peas have immnunity.

  4. You don’t like lady’s finger and brinjal/eggplant either?? Ok, I admit both I only learned to like in adulthood… but now I like them! I’m still working on bittergourd though. :P Ha ha your prejudice is psychological I bet. If you were tricked into eating these without knowing what they were, there’s at least 50% chance you will like them!

  5. Haha, JF should see this blog! He eats the weirdest vegetables ever!!! ALl the vegetables that you mentioned, I love all of them, especially the bell peppers! I love bitterguard too, btw. The only thing I don’t eat is lady’s finger. EVEN IF IT’S IN FISH HEAD CURRY. JF eats all sorts of vegetables, even those that I think their only purpose in life is to be garnishes, but he eats them all. For your info, I hated brinjals too. It was only after I cooked for JF brinjals that I realised they can be quite nice too, haha, so now whenever I order cai4 fan4, more thn 75% of the time, you will find brinjals on it :)

  6. Also, in future, Ann, you shall sit with me when we share desserts. We’ll let Beatrice sit with Ivy, and we’ll see if both of you will fight for the desserts still! :)

  7. Heh I started liking brinjal/eggplant when i ate tempura one… Lady’s finger i started liking i think from fish head curry. I don’t know why I decided to try it one day (and i’ve hated the thought of eating it ever since primary school science class when we had to cut it and draw it ok!), and realized I like it. A lot in fact! So now when I order cai4 fan4, I also order it! and brinjal too!

    Zibin eats garnishes too! ha ha… but i think JF would still eat more varieties of vege than him. He’s more like Ivy… the veges should be green and leafy kind of thinking. He hates cauliflower (he insists i’m trying to poison him if i try to get him to eat it). Fortunately he’s ok with broccoli and bell peppers. ^^

  8. Haha… JF loves bell peppers (like me!) We never leave NTUC EVERYTIME without getting bell peppers :P

    For some reason, lady fingers remind me of the art that I used to do. It’s very weird eating my ‘art supplies’! I guess it’s also why till now I refuse to drink/eat beetroot. It reminds me too much of my biology experiments! It’s weird eating your ‘tools’! Haha….

    But hey, I love those purple spinach (quite hard to find), so when JF and I see them, we will buy like 3 bushes of it!

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